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New concepts for successful export marketing with the Export Marketing Company Arguna Consulting

The globalization of trade is growing at record speed. Only companies participating in international trade will stay competitive and secure their position in the market. An export share of 60% can be considered as a sufficient participation in the fast growing global market. What is your company’s export share? How to implement export business while coping with the stressful daily business routine? Apart from that missing export know-how and missing resources are severe obstacles.

Export Marketing Company – list of very important questions for companies which intend to engage themselves in exporting products or services:

  • Which are my target markets?
  • Where do I get relevant market information?
  • How do I set up my local dealer network?
  • Which are the competitors?
  • Which is the best strategy for a successful market entry?

Export Marketing Company – Two-Way-Strategy

The usual strategy would be to contact chambers of commerce and consulates, hire local consultants, attend international tradeshows and of course undertake frequent travels to the target country in order to find the first personal contacts.

These are of course ressources to take into account. We, Export Marketing Consultants, do this and something more for you…

As an Export Marketing Company we provide also professional Internet Marketing abroad and doing so gather very high quality information about what is going on in a specific country FOR YOU.

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