Export Marketing Consultants

The export marketing consultants are forging new paths in export strategy!

The team of export marketing consultants, an export consulting company of the Arguna Consulting group, is proposing new ideas for a successful export strategy.

Instead of wasting time and money, the first thing we do is to set up a local language website of your company in the target country. Nothing is left to chance and the new local website is professionally designed and search-engine-optimized. In this way the products and services of the exporting company will very soon become known throughout the country before even arriving there. The language of the website will usually be English plus the local language. Through professional internet marketing of the website the exporting company will gain important information and market knowledge about the target market.

Export Marketing Consultants provide Professional Internetmarketing Abroad

Through innovative analysis methods of the agency customers are getting very valuable information about competitors, potential distributors and of course customers. Over a period of time potential business partners, dealers and potential local employees are becoming aware of the site and will get in contact with the company management. The local website(s) and the accompanying online marketing activities in the target country are thus preparing the ground for the final market entry. In this way start-up costs and the risk of failure are considerably reduced. Accompanying marketing activities like local press releases and article marketing support the positive effect of export marketing for you.

Please contact us for an International Marketing Strategy without obligation: export marketing consultants from Germany

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