Public Relation

Want to know how to get known in your market quickly? Yep, with public relation work

By the author Eric R.P.Knieriem

1. Communicate with your costumers through your best products and services.

You already are doing Public Relation through your offers. You might be relating through different ways: brochures, cold calls, handouts, ads and so on. The picture of your business is determined by these offers – this is how the public sees you. Which of your offers is put out is very, very important.

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Stop occupying yourself with your descending products, because this systematically builds a negative attitude for yourself and the public view over years. The consequence is that you or your business becomes known through its negative-news.

Become clear over your offer-palette and in order to to base a systematic and easy public relation flow on it, the following matrix will be quite helpful: star-product, rising products, descending products, cash cow.

Offers, which I call descending products characteristically show up with pretty low resonance. Revise or abolish them quickly. Too much time and energy is wasted otherwise and frustration will be the result.

So called rising products are offerings or new development, which will lead up to heavy resonance. Much advertisement is necessary „to get the ship going.“ Which mistake, applied by businesses owners, can we see here? Way to often do they apply the rising products and services with a mediocre intensity and use the similar marketing strategy of the introduced offers.

Introduced offers I name milk-cows here. In the result the representation becomes diffuse, when the new development – the product to push – is not properly put out. That means, give the rising products the needed amount of focused advertisement.

Offers and products, which are introduced and run more or less by them self, are called cash cows here. When a business doesn`t have enough cash cows, the business will be too much tiring, because well running items or services don`t need that much energy, advertisement and so forth on the side of the business-owner.

So, now what is the clue? With an effective management, there is a basis for successful public relation.

Even greater management-qualities and marketing strategies are necessary for the star-product. Star-products usually are not at all existing, because the genius and creativity of the business-owner and employees are occupied the descending products or with too many new-developments. The star-product shines by itself and draws the attention of the market on itself.

1. Restrict yourself on one star-product. Then, do a bulk of the public relation on that one alone.

2. Establish some cash cows with an easy going campaign-program.

3. Get rid of descending products or if you think they could get up easily – re-structure them quickly.

4. Keep two or three new-developments (rising products) in your pipeline and give constant public relation and advertisement to them, so they can become new milk-cows in your portfolio

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